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I work with individual adults 18+. In addition to Illinois, I can see clients across the country. Here is a current list of available states.


  • Initial 15-20 min consultation: free

  • Check of out-of-network coverage and benefits: free

  • Initial 55-min intake session: $275

  • Ongoing 50-min therapy sessions: $230

  • Requested letters/forms/case consultation: Free up to 15 min, then pro-rated hourly rate

  • Cancellations with fewer than 24 h notice/no shows: $230

Treatment Process

During the initial consultation, we will talk about what you are hoping to get out of therapy, and if the approach I use is a good fit for you. If we want to proceed, we will schedule the initial intake session.


Subsequent sessions are typically held weekly for 12-16 weeks, with some clients remaining in therapy for 6-12 months or more, depending upon the support needed. Therapy goals will continue to be assessed together so that we can be sure that we are making progress in a way that is meaningful to you, and we can adjust what we are doing, and how often we are meeting, as needed. As we approach termination, we will talk about how to best support this transition and celebrate the progress you have made towards a life of flexibility and meaning.

All sessions are held via a secure telepsychology platform (vs in-person meetings). I see clients M-Th from 8-5 CT.


I do not accept insurance, which was a thoughtful and intentional choice, given the specialized services I provide. Insurance companies can dictate some parameters of treatment (e.g., number and frequency of sessions, diagnoses required, session length) and I wanted to ensure the flexibility needed to deliver expert care to you. My goal is to give you the most individualized and effective treatment possible in a focused period of time in order to best use your time, energy and finances. This goal-directed and time-limited work is designed to be more cost-effective over time because you will be empowered with the skills needed to continue with your progress after we end our work together.


I am happy to speak with you about filing for out-of-network coverage if you have those benefits through your insurance plan. You can learn more about the process of using out-of-network benefits here. If you want me to check your benefits for you, please have your insurance card available at the time of our initial call so that I can get the information needed to do so.

Reduced Rate Sessions

I maintain a limited number of reduced rate sessions. Please contact me to inquire about current availability.

Good Faith Estimate

All clients and potential clients who are paying out of pocket for services have the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate" of Expected Charges under the No Surprises Act. This estimate is intended to help you make informed decisions about likely healthcare costs and is not a contract for services. Please see further information about Good Faith Estimates, including the charge disputations process, here.

Privacy Policy

You can view a copy of Exposure Therapy Chicago's Notice of Privacy Policies here.




There are a number of fantastic websites and organizations available if you want to learn more about anxiety, OCD, BFRBs and trauma. Here are a few of my favorites:

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Association of Contextual Behavioral Science (professional organization for ACT)

International OCD Foundation

I-CBT Online

Peace of Mind Foundation   

The TLC Foundation for BFRBs

Picking Me Foundation

National Center for PTSD


There are some books that I find myself recommending to clients over and over, which can be supplements to the work that we do, as well as resources that clients may choose to work through on their own. Of note, the links below are not affiliate links, and I do not receive compensation for recommending these books. I think they are wonderful resources and hope you find them as invaluable as I do.

Click here for my book list.


Finally, I know that podcasts can be a great source of entertainment, and enjoy listening to them myself. There are also some fantastic options out there to help support clients in their work, as well as orient them to treatment. Here are some that I recommend frequently that are related to the work that I do with clients.

Your Anxiety Toolkit (esp episodes 282-287 about intrusive thoughts)

The OCD Stories


Psychologists Off The Clock

The Hilarious World of Depression

Invisibilia (especially the first episode of the first season called “The Secret History of Thoughts")

Death, Sex and Money

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